Our approach to measuring engagement

I need to understand where to start

  • Your engagement survey is your tool to deliver your strategy. We will spend time with you understanding what you are setting out to achieve and what you need to demonstrate
  • We will then construct the survey structure and questions in such a way that the salient issues are clearly addressed. We will also draw from our expertise in surveying by checking against our well researched bank of questions to ensure that the questions are formulated in such a way that they can be cross checked and verified
  • Wewill make the survey accessible online, via a user-friendly web platform. Results are totally anonymous and the access and the data is secure. At any point in time you will know how many people have completed the questionnaire. And our team can help with any questions you may have
  • When you are ready for the results we will compile a full report for you. Using our expertise in strategy and people psychology, we will advise on the salient actions which not only require priority attention but which will also produce the biggest impact
  • We will help you communicate the results to your people and devise an action plan, if you would like us to
  • And, finally, we will work with you year on year to help you utilise your engagement surveys to develop the issues being discussed, from simple motivational hygiene factors to more strategic issues.

    Getfeedback can support you in areas including: