Motivation Assessment

Motivation tools provide information about the type of environment, tasks and activities that an individual will be motivated to do. Unlike personality assessments which look at what a person can do. Motivation provides insight into what an individual wants to do and what they need from a role in order to be engaged and successful. Ability and personality assessments provide valuable insight into how suitable a candidate is for a role, motivation assessments provide insight into how suitable the role is for the candidate. A candidate that meets all the requirements for the role and seems like a perfect match but not provided with a role that motivates them will underperform just as badly as a poorly matched candidate or potentially even worse. Ensuring there is a mutual match between the requirements of a role and the needs of a candidate allows for highly accurate recruitment and development decisions.

Getfeedback provide the following motivation tools:

Getfeedback SHL Hogan
Intrinsic MQ MVPI


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