Taking a test?

School and college exams! People have nightmares about them. When you're given an assessment or survey at work your mind often flashes back to school or college. It shouldn't.

Our assessments don't give you A grades or degrees. They make it easier to produce accurate information about you; make decisions fairer; take the emotional subjectivity out of conversations. Many of them - probably most - don't have right answers, just answers that reflect who you really are.

Assessments allow organisations to get to know you quickly. They also help you see how seriously the organisation takes its people, its important recruitment decisions, its employees views. Selection is a two-way process and both you and the organisation make a choice - and that choice has to be right for both of you.

No doubt you'll have more detailed questions: what am I going to reveal about myself?; how anonymous is a 360 survey?; how secure is the system into which I complete the survey?; what's the information going to be used for?

We might be test deliverers and suppliers now but we were test-takers too* - so we know how you feel. That's why we've developed these pages. If you have a burning question, check out our FAQ page to see if we have answered it there before contacting us on support@getfeedback.net

From here, take a look at why companies use surveys and tests and run through some of the tips we have.

*and sometimes still do take them. We're not immune just because we're in the business.