Competency frameworks

Past behaviour is the best predictor of future performance

Competency frameworks are an increasingly accepted part of modern HR practice. They provide the individual with a map or indication of the behaviours that will be valued, recognised and in some organisations, rewarded.

At Getfeedback we believe competency assessment is a key business performance metric used to measure the capability of your organisation. Getfeedback is a leader in behavioural competency frameworks and our success in this field is largely down to our expertise in helping organisations implement a high performance leadership framework.

Competency Frameworks

The framework we recommend, if our clients do not have an existing one, is the Schroder High Performance Managerial Competencies (HPMC) framework. It is one of the most validated frameworks available and is scientifically proven to produce higher business performance. We have also worked with organisations’ existing frameworks and have created more bespoke competencies.



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