Personality Assessment

Personality instruments measure an individual's character traits and types. Understanding someone's personality helps to understand how they work, what type of work they will excel in, how they will associate with their peers and manage their team. Some instruments reveal areas of strengths and some interpersonal tendencies that can cause problems. Other instruments identify the 'darker' side of our personalities, revealing what we see when we are stressed. These aspects of personality are not easily obtained by even the best trained interviewer.

With different models of personality and a large number of report outputs its important to use a test that fits your organisation and preference and provides the data in the most useful format for your needs. Getfeedback have a wide range of personality assessments each contain a broad range of outputs to provide the most useful information to help inform your people decisions.

Our range of personality assessments include:

TalentLens SHL Hogan Getfeedback
Orpheus OPQ32 Hogan Personality Inventory The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
Giotto Leadership Report Hogan Development Survey MyStrength
SOSIE Sales Report The Leadership Dimensions Questionnaire
Golden Type Profiler Emotional Intelligence Report

Getfeedback’s assessment consultants are qualified in all of the above test and are on hand to provide guidance or support with which test to use or interpretation of the results in relation to your needs.


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