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Digitisation, changing customer behaviour and the uncertain political and social environments are just some of the challenges facing leaders. The ability to select the right senior executives to lead your organisation in this uncertain and volatile world is a business critical capability. Selecting leaders who will survive and thrive in this environment is a challenging but essential role.

Assessing and selecting the very best executives is one of the most important challenges facing recruiters. Getfeedback have over 15 years’ experience in supporting our clients to selecting the right senior executives to drive their organisations forward. Our approach to leadership assessment is based on extensive research. It has been designed to provide organisations with an objective understanding of an individual’s leadership strengths, preferences and ability and provide a view of these strengths within context in which they will be required to operate.

Getfeedback's approach to executive profiling is to get a sense of an individual's natural preferences and behaviour and how those preferences play out at work is dependent on a number of different factors; as illustrated in the diagram below. Profiling is used to find out about the behaviours and competencies that the individual uses; their personality and motivational preferences; and their cognitive ability/intellect.

Strength Identification Analysis

As part of any recruitment profiling Getfeedback recommend a combination of interview and a series of online questionnaires. Getfeedback utilises a range of online tools, dependent on specific client requirements and assess based on the well validated Schroder model of high performance.

The Assessments

Behaviours and Competencies

Behavioural Event Interview (BEI) is a semi-structured interview designed to elicit examples of how an individual gets things done; or in other words the behaviours they exhibit in a live work situation.

By listening to the individual talk about two real-life work experiences the interviewer records evidence of how they have used the 11 behaviours that comprise the Schroder High Performance Behavioural Framework.


Designed by Harold Schroder, after 30 years of research the framework can differentiate between high and low performing individuals i.e. those individuals who add value within the organisation.

Cognitive Ability/ Intellect

Cognitive ability has been found to be a strong predictor of an individuals' ability to perform in role. Cognitive ability is linked with the ability to solve problems; quickly understand novel situations; and evaluate possible solutions.

The Verbal Assessment measures a candidate's ability to evaluate the logic of various kinds of argument as presented in written form - example questionnaires include Watson Glaser or Verify Verbal (managerial/professional level). The Numerical Assessment measures a candidate's ability to make correct decisions or inferences from numerical or statistical data- example questionnaires include RANRA or Verify Numerical (managerial/professional level).

Personality and Motivation

Assessing personality and motivation tells us about the kinds of work situations an individual is likely to be comfortable in and enjoy. It can give us insights into their values as well as telling us what is likely to motivate an individual and help them to be the best they can be. This information can also help us to understand how an individual might interact with those they work with.

Getfeedback would work with you to identify the most suitable tests for your specific requirements but tools unitled for this element of assessment have included tools such as:

Personality Motivation
OPQ EQ or Leadership report, Narrative
Hogan Development Survey

Orpheus Personality Profile


Intrinsic Selection Report


Getfeedback then produce a detailed report summarises the evidence given during the interview and highlights strengths and potential areas for development. It also summarises the results of the psychometric tests. It is worth bearing in mind that no assessment can ever be 100% accurate and the reports will be read with this in mind. That being said the report does give a strong indication of how the individual is likely to operate at work and therefore the key messages it contains are important for reflection.

Sample Reports

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