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Getfeedback supports HR, Recruitment and Management Consultancies with our range of people measurement tools and services.

We can provide you with a comprehensive range of tools to support your client projects and grow your business.

Our online platform provides you with direct access to a range of assessments and surveys to be delivered directly to your customers. In many cases our tools can be branded with your or your clients logo to provide a fully integrated experience.

Our flexible platform can also be used to host bespoke surveys and tools allowing you to develop and deliver tools designed by you to meet your clients needs.

"Thanks for all the expertise, patience and flexibility from the team at Getfeedback on the customization work for this project. I have to say that you guys are probably the most effective IT service providers I've worked with."

Loh Yu Xing
Talent Assessment Consultant
Pearson Singapore


Psychometric Testing

We offer a variety of psychometric tests from leading publishers such as SHL, Hogan and PEarson TalentLens. 


Our testing platform, developed and refined for over 12 years, allows BPS qualified administrators to set up tests and generate reports at the click of a mouse from a single supplier.


"Your rock-solid rapid reliability enables me to present a seamless service to my client"


Ian Muir
Keeldeep Associates Limited

As experts we can provide help and advice on tools and many selection issues. We are happy to provide you with as much or as little support as required to deliver your projects.

For those who are not qualified in psychometric test use we can offer written or verbal feedback.

We provide advice and tools on many selection issues. Here are just some of them:


360 Degree Feedback

Our 360 feedback surveys have been designed with flexibility in mind: you can choose to run one of our off the shelf surveys; each tailored to a specific audience:

Alternately we can create a bespoke tool tailored  to your own or your clients competency framework.

Surveys are completed online, and can be administered by our team of helpful specialists, or we can provide free training allowing you to manage surveys on behalf of your clients.

"We switched to using Getfeedback for 360 as having worked with them previously I already had high trust in the service they can provide in terms of the robustness and reliability of the technology, quality of the product, the fact that they’re constantly developing and improving it, and the responsiveness of the service. I know if I have a question or a problem I'll get a quick answer and a 'can do' approach."

"The system is intuitive to use and the pricing structure allows me to include a Lift-branded 360 service without it costing an arm and a leg - like Getfeedback says, you only pay for what you use."

Katrina Wray
Lift Consultancy

Our 360 reports are designed to present the results of the 360 clearly, consicely, and in a way that is easy for an individual to understand where their strengths and development areas lie. Our reports are also fully customisable and can be branded with your or your clients logo. For more information on our 360 degree feedback reports click here.

360 reports

Our 360 survey tools can help you solve common development and performance client issues including:


Surveys and Feedback

Use our platform to generate surveys and gather feedback. We have a range of Employee Opinion Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Training Needs Analysis and Event and Training Feedback, including surveys using Kirkpatrick’s methodology (Kirkpatrick Level 1).

Getfeedback can support you and your client in areas including:

Your branding

Tests and surveys can be branded to feature your company’s logos and branding:

Branded test centre

Why Getfeedback?

  • We’ve been proving tools and services to reseller organisations for over 12 years
  • We offer free training to administer surveys online
  • We’re experts in people assessment – we can advise on any aspect of measuring talent
  • Our friendly team of technical support advisers are available by phone or email to help with any query from you or your candidates.

Contact us today to find out more.