360 Degree Feedback for Law Professionals

The Law contributor 360 degree feedback survey has been adapted for the legal sector for use with those with no line management responsibility but require developmental feedback from their peers and colleagues. Using a five-point scale, the respondent is asked to rate the focus on 33 behavioural statements and provide verbatim comments in response to two items.

360 and 180 degree feedback a simple and effective way to identify an individual’s strengths and highlight areas where development would have the largest impact on improving performance. By comparing feedback from a range of sources our surveys also allow individuals to identify where their behaviours may be viewed differently by different groups of people and identify hidden strengths which they can utilise to make them more effective in the workplace. For the Law Contributor 360° feedback survey the questions have been adapted to make them appropriate to the legal sector and individuals that do not manage others. The reports have been designed to focus on how best to use the information to maximise performance in role.

Getfeedback’s Law Contributor 360 degree feedback survey is ideal for a one off or annual development initiative or used as part of a wider development programme.

Schroder Framework

The Schroder Framework

The Law Contributor 360° feedback survey measures individuals against the Schroder model of high performance management. The Schroder model is a well validated, robust and highly reliable tool for measuring performance. The Schroder Framework consists of 11 behaviours grouped into 4 clusters that studies have proven are key to being a high performer.

Click here to read more information on the Schroder Framework.

Areas of use:

Development, performance management

Simple and efficient

Getfeedback’s online Law Contributor 360 has been designed to be simple to manage and complete. All of our surveys are delivered online and can be managed in house via our survey administration platform or we can deliver the project for you via our bureau service. The delegate experience is simple and hassle free, with the individual requiring feedback receiving a link to their nomination form where they can enter the names and email, addresses of those they would like feedback from, once submitted our system will automatically email those individuals requesting they provide feedback, and will take the 360 focus directly through to their self survey for completion. Surveys take no longer than 20 minutes to complete and can be saved and returned to at any point.

Individual workbook report

Our Law Contributor 360 degree feedback report has been designed by our experienced consultants to provide the individuals receiving feedback with clear and concise results. The report walks the individual through their data from top level information through to question detail, encouraging the individual to consider how they can make use of their strengths and recognise where their behaviour and actions may be having a negative impact.

View a sample Law Contributor 360 feedback report here

Group Reporting

Group reports are available that can be used to provide senior management the succinct information concerning development needs and performance across the organisation, teams, or specific groups.

View a sample group report here

View a sample group comparison report here

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At a glance

Obtain 360 degree feedback from all aspects of an individuals role in a legal environment

33 statements, 2 free text items

Approximately 10 minutes - untimed

Up to 21 nominees can be invited to rate the participant

Fully outsourced to be managed by Getfeedback or can be managed in-house.

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