How to increase the engagement levels of employees and customers is a difficult business challenge for leaders to solve. In a period of recession there is an even greater pressure to direct resources to those areas which will have maximum impact on the bottom line.

Engagement surveys enable an organisation to measure the extent to which its employees are engaged. Engagement is an important measure as engaged employees are loyal and productive and thereby an asset to most organisations. The key to improving engagement is to accurately predict the drivers and then take action.

A survey is only the first stage to engaging employees. Getfeedback’s engagement specialists will help make sense of the data from the survey and develop - and introduce - an action plan that will have the maximum, positive impact on engagement. Effective communication of the results of a survey - alongside clear changes - will build trust and loyalty with the workforce, not only improving engagement but also improving retention.

Measuring customer satisfaction enables you to understand where your customers think you are getting it right and where they think you could do better. As the saying goes: “the customer is always right”. Armed with this knowledge an organisation can ensure it continues to deliver the great things that makes customers appreciate it and improve the things which will make the most difference to their clients: thereby improving customer satisfaction and ensuring they remain satisfied clients.

Getfeedback has been successfully helping market leading organisations make sense of engagement information and improving their engagement processes for over 10 years.