Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction is essential to the survival of businesses in the aftermath of a recession. The best way to find out whether your customers are satisfied is to ask them. But with limited resources at your disposal, how do you know which action will have the greatest impact?

Getfeedback offers a cost effective, online survey solution that will quickly highlight your customer satisfaction key drivers and help you direct your resources for maximum impact on the bottom line.

Business benefits of customer satisfaction surveys

What do your customers really think of your organisation?

In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. Getfeedback offers effective web enabled customer satisfaction surveying which will provide the following benefits:

  • Quick analysis of large volumes of customer satisfaction information
  • More timely and effective use of resources to resolve customer issues
  • Better informed business strategies around changes to existing products and the creation of new products
  • Greater customer retention rates
  • More customer referrals
  • A more engaged and therefore productive workforce

Our approach to customer satisfaction surveying

  • Your customer satisfaction survey is your tool to deliver your business strategy. We will spend time with you understanding what you are setting out to achieve and what you need to demonstrate
  • We will then construct the survey structure and questions in such a way that the salient issues are clearly addressed. We will also draw from our expertise in surveying by checking against our well researched bank of questions to ensure that these are formulated in such a way that they can be cross checked and verified
  • We will make the survey accessible online, via a user-friendly web platform. Results are totally anonymous and the access and the data are secure. At any point in time, you will know how many people have filled in the questionnaire. And, if you need to discuss any aspect of it, we are only a phone call away.
  • When you are ready for the results, we will develop a full report for you which will outline the key drivers influencing your customer satisfaction rates. Using our expertise in strategy and people psychology, we will highlight the salient actions which not only require priority attention but which will also produce the biggest impact.
  • We will help you communicate the results back to your people and recommend an action plan, if you would like us to
  • And, finally, we will work with you year on year to help you utilise your customer satisfaction surveys to evolve the issues being discussed from simple motivational hygiene factors to more strategic issues.

Choosing Getfeedback for customer satisfaction surveys

Getfeedback has a track record in developing online customer satisfaction surveys.

We are experts in designing customer satisfaction surveys

  • We understand where customer surveying fits as part of your sales and customer service strategies. We will ensure that your customer surveys are aligned to your overall organisational objectives
  • Our surveys are created by our occupational psychologists who will devise the right questions and who will draw from a well researched and validated bank of questions which we have put together over many years
  • Our reports are designed to draw out the salient actions which will make the biggest impact. Our expertise in occupational psychology enables us to relate the data to people and to investigate areas of concern. You will receive a clear and concise report highlighting the key drivers that will make a real difference. Our consultants can then assist you in designing an action plan to embed the changes in your organisation.

We are technical innovators

  • Our cutting-edge technology and tools have been used by hundreds of specialists and board members. They are quick to set up and user friendly
  • Our tool suits organisations of all sizes, whether you have 100 or 10,000 customers. We can survey in over 20 languages and we are bound by the UK and European data protection acts.

Our customer service is second-to-none

  • We consistently receive excellent feedback on our customer service team. We are available to answer your questions and guide you through any stage of the process.

So, whether you already have your own set of questions you want to use or if you want us to design questions for you, we can help.

So to discuss how you can improve customer satisfaction please email us at or call us on 03330 902 580.