Introduce 360 for leaders

I'd like to introduce a 360 tool to identify and focus on the development of tomorrow's leaders


360 surveys highlight how organisations perform against objectives and how that information can feed into individual development plans. But there can be downsides: low completion rates; raters' lack of honesty; disconnection from day-to-day work.

Providing valid online surveys that work has been our business for years.

The devil is in the dirty detail: project management and finding new ways to maximise completion. That's why our project managers are professionals, focused on that role; and why we've invested in technology-based innovations such as Blackberry®-enabled questionnaires. We can even create a 360 Portal providing your people with an easy to use, secure hub for all 360 activity from making nominations to retrieving delegate reports.

Security is a global imperative. We won't blind you with science. We know about survey and IT security. We take the load off you.

We provide ready-made, off-the-shelf tools or develop a focussed survey with you with standard 360 surveys for managers, non-managers and leaders. We can web-enable your survey , or indeed use other forms of technology to support the deployment across your organisation.

If you need to develop your own, customised 360 questionnaire - we'd be happy to help

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