Confident you have the right people to ride the recession?

How can I best ensure that our selection processes reflect our company and our employer brand and take us forward?



Selection is part of marketing. The tests you use can strengthen your company image - your employer brand - or make you look like you don't care.

Ensuring you use reputable, defendable instruments strengthens your employer brand. In other cases you may want to blow your corporate trumpet while the candidate's taking the test. Whatever's important to you, you need to be the master or mistress of the process without having to depend on an external supplier who may let you down.*

Getfeedback sets a high hurdle before we allow our name to be linked to a test. We choose carefully, evaluate stringently, and demand proof of research, validation and practicality. Our online assessment system can be branded as you wish. If you want to manage the testing in-house, once you have completed the initial systems training and paid the set-up fee, you use it as you want and are only billed for the tests you use.

* Present company excluded, we promise.