Improving performance is the magnetic North of HR work. Unless that's the result, money spent on selection and development is putting a fortune on a long-odds outsider.

Performance is about helping every single employee in the business do their job better through clarity, empowerment and measurement.

Almost every role in an organisation is focused on at least one of three objectives:


  • selling things to new and existing clients;
  • making sure that clients have a fantastic experience so they buy more and tell other people to buy things too;
  • ensuring that the business is profitable.


Driving and balancing these three objectives is fundamental to business success. Measuring and managing employee performance is the most powerful way to make this happen.

Our sister organisation Crelos is able to support you to understand how each role and job family contributes to the overall business strategy and to develop an overarching performance management process. Getfeedback provides the tools to measure what's actually happening. These are just some of the issues we tackle: