Knowing good performance and motivation

How can I understand what good performance looks like and what motivates my staff?


If you don't know what 'good' (or even 'brilliant') looks like you're literally blindfolded when you appraise, feedback, set objectives, discipline or reward.

Profiling roles using psychometrics and structured interviews helps you find out what behaviours drive successful performance. You'll be measuring raw intelligence, motivational style and personality tendencies - which combine in a rich picture of good performers. We can take you through how to do this - explaining the characteristics of great, good, average and poor performers.

But it's also about knowing what motivates someone. What motivates Branson or Murdoch may well have turned off Leonardo da Vinci or Wordsworth. Motivation can be counter-intuitive and subtle. You need to know who finds which tasks enjoyable or a turn-off.

Intrinsic assesses motivational drivers to find out how individuals will perform in particular roles. It's not concerned with external issues that can be investigated in an interview: salary changes and bonuses, for instance. Intrinsic looks at fundamental, below-the-surface dimensions of motivation. These can be matched up with job descriptions to determine whether and how much a person will be motivated, satisfied, and committed to the role.

Of course, if you're going through a major change programme, understanding motivation and what makes people tick is crucial and you may like to talk with Crelos, our sister operation about this.

Recommended products and services

Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA)

Assesses high level numerical reasoning.


Orpheus Personality Questionnaire

A work-based personality questionnaire to help identify typical behaviours and 'fit'.


Intrinsic Motivation Test

A measure of motivation - of the deep-rooted internal drivers rather than the 'extrinsic' motivators.