Improve development

I need to improve the development process we have for our people


Perhaps you've invested in the development of your own 360 survey. But, as we say, process is supreme; it's also detailed and difficult to get right.

We take your items, build an online questionnaire, and deliver it through our own platform, branded as you wish. We can train you in how to manage the system or manage the whole process for you. And, on top of that, we can tailor reports to meet your needs.

Good development planning needs more than 360 survey: specific questionnaires will give you extra insight into people's personalities. The Hogan Developmental Survey provides deep understanding of individual behaviour and their coping strategies for stress and pressure.

Once you have identified the development need, you can meet it with a Getfeedback core skills training programme module focusing on central business skills such as time management or negotiation skills.

Finally, make use of our expertise in training evaluation surveys to highlight the effective and less effective areas of the training.

Getfeedback delivers a consistent approach to the full development cycle from identification through delivery to evaluation. No need to get to know a new language, a new system and new people at each stage.

Recommended products and services

Hogan Development Survey

Provides an insight as to how a person may behave when stressed.