What reports do you get from doing a 360?

There are several types of individual report. A professional users report which just contains the graphs and tables. This would be used in a situation where an experienced facilitator would be delivering the feedback - taking the individual through the report and helping them to understand the key messages with the report. This could be used if you have a development planning document that you want the individuals to complete, or if you were creating a separate workbook to support the individual’s ongoing development. The second type of individual report is the development report. This report contains guidance and information to contextualise the information with the report. It has been designed, based on our knowledge and experience of behavioural change, to maximise the chances of the individual taking action and successfully changing their behaviours. A third type of report currently being developed is the individual coaching report. This report is tailored to the individuals needs and provides tips, advice and questions to help the individual to improve their performance.

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