360 degree feedback - Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what 360 degree feedback is, how it works, or why you should use it? Find the answers to your questions below. If you can't see the answer you're looking for then feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to help!

What is 360 feedback?
How does 360 work?
What are the benefits of 360 feedback?
Why would I choose 360 over other methods?
Are 360s more appropriate for assessment or development or both?
How can I tell if my organisation is ready for 360 feedback?
What kinds of things could I measure with a 360?
How do I link 360 feedback data to personality profiles and performance data?
What type of time and resource investment are we talking about & what is the typical ROI from doing this?
What sort of engagement and comms would you recommend to sell this tool to the business?
Why are 360s based on competencies?
What if my organisation doesn’t have a competency framework?
Which competency framework is Getfeedback’s 360 based on & why?
Can I use our company’s competency framework?
Should I choose an off the shelf 360 or pay more for a bespoke one?
Should 360°feeedback be used as part of the appraisal process?
What are the common concerns that people have about 360’s?


Frequently asked questions about how to successfully implement and 360 degree feedback survey

How can I make our 360 programme successful?
How long does it take to complete a 360?
Who should be the respondents?
How many respondents should you have?
Should you use the same 360 for all levels of the organisation?
What timeframes do you give people to complete a 360?
Should we stagger this so that the whole management population is not snowed under with these questionnaires?
How confidential is the process?
What reports do you get from doing a 360?
How reliable and valid is Getfeedback’s 360 tool?
Can we pool the data to create an overall profile?
Can you do group comparisons?
Can you benchmark performance to other organisations?
How often should you run 360s?
What type of support does Getfeedback provide?