What are the common concerns that people have about 360's?

The common concerns about 360s include scepticism about the intentions behind their use. In some organisations employees are concerned that the information gathered will be used as a stick to beat. Careful positioning is therefore crucial and the intentions must be explicitly stated and repeated to ensure that the message is understood.

Sometimes people are concerned that their colleagues and direct reports won’t give honest feedback, or won’t be able to provide feedback. The first issue is a question of communication and encouragement of a value for open and honest feedback. The second issue is solved by ensuring that the statements used within the survey meet specific criteria for well-written statements:

Describes what a person does, not what they have done.
Describes what can be observed i.e. the behaviours.
Describes only one behaviour.
Uses language that is easy to read and understand.
Describes a behaviour that is needed for high performance.
Helps to articulate the competency as a whole.

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