What are the benefits of 360 degree feedback?

There are numerous benefits for running a 360 feedback survey.

For the organisation, a 360 survey offers a quick, objective means of gathering information about the performance and impact of their managers. Analysis of the results, using group reports, can provide a rich source of data for making decisions about development, succession planning, talent mobility and future recruitment. A well implemented survey helps to foster a value for open and honest feedback and communication and can reinforce the link between behaviour and performance.

For the team, 360 feedback can help to improve team communications by raising awareness of individuals’ differences. If positioned correctly it can help to build cohesion within the team and support for each others development. The impact of this is greater efficiency in the way team members work together and stronger idea generation by a team who are now better able to communicate.

For the individual they provide a unique opportunity to understand what has made them successful in the past. The 360 gives the individual the chance to get a much broader view of the impact they have within the organisation. Instead of just receiving feedback from their manager, the 360 enables them to get feedback from the people they work with. They are much more likely to take on board the key messages within the feedback as it has been received from people they truly value the opinion of. The 360 highlights an individual’s strengths and areas for development and provides the start-point for development actions. The process can help to improve engagement levels by demonstrating to the individual the value the organisation holds for them. Improved dialogue between manager and individual can also help to improve job satisfaction and motivation.


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