Should I choose an off the shelf 360 or pay more for a bespoke one?

There’s no denying that a bespoke survey is likely to reap the greatest benefits. A survey that uses your language and is precisely aligned to your goals is going to yield the most valuable information for your employees to work with and take action on. Creating a survey that has the look and feel that your employees connect with can help to create buy-in as well as reinforce the company’:s value for its people. It’s not just the survey that can be bespoke. We can work with you to create a development report that doubles up as a workbook to support your employees development, not just a report full of tables and charts.

If you don’t have a competency framework in place and there isn’t the time or budget to design a bespoke competency framework, then the off-the shelf option is the best for you. You can be safe in the knowledge that our framework is reliable and validated and that any improvement in the behaviours will have a positive impact on your organisations performance. We can quickly and easily set your ratees up on the system so that they can be receiving their feedback in a matter of weeks. Or, we could train you up to be a systems user so that you can administer 360’s for yourself. You still get the benefits of our brilliant reports which have been designed with behavioural change in mind.

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