How do I link 360 feedback data to personality profiles and performance data?

Many companies do use 360 feedback surveys in conjunction with personality and motivational profiling. This can add a depth and richness to the process which can really help to awaken the individuals self-awareness. Behaviour is the external manifestation of our internal drives, personal style and value. Behaviour is what is perceived by those around us, and therefore 360 feedback provides a great addition to personality and motivational profiling so the individual can understand not just the impact of their actions on others, but also why they may tend to behave the way they do.

It is possible, once you have collated the data from all the individuals who complete a 360, to analyse how people behave in relation to the performance data. It can help to uncover what good looks like. By linking individual’s sales data to a behavioural profile for example it is possible to identify what your great sales people are doing that your not so great ones are not doing.


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