How can I tell if my organisation is ready for 360 feedback?

Things to lookout for to check that your organisation is ready include: your managers are asking for more objective and constructive feedback, they are complaining about the quality of discussions they are having with their managers, there is a general appetite for development but you don’t know quite where to focus budget and time. 360 feeedback can work in any organisation and careful positioning and communication is always essential. This is particularly true in organisations that may not be used to giving and receiving feedback, perhaps where there has historically been something of a blame culture. In these cases it would be wise to pilot the scheme on a group who are more open to the process so they can be used as role-models for the rest of the organisation.

If the organisation has just gone through, or is going through major change in which lines of reporting and teams/work groups are changing, it may be wise to wait until 6 months after the change to ensure that people are able to give the program their complete attention and to ensure that raters are able to accurately rate the ratees (because they have had a good opportunity to see them at work).


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