What if my organisation doesn't have a competency framework?

Many organisations are in a similar position and it is for this reason that many want to work with Getfeedback. There are a number of ways that we can help. We have a reliable and validated competency framework that is comprised of 11 behaviours, which if used at strength level have been proven to have a positive impact on individual and organisational performance. We call it the high performance leadership framework and we use if not just in 360’s but in assessment and selection and development. It is derived from work carried out by Boyatzis and Schroder.

The alternative approach is for us to work with you to define the specific competencies that are required and relevant for your company. We’ve designed many competency frameworks and the response from the organisations we have worked with is that they really make a difference. By creating a framework that uses your language and reflects your values your 360 feedback survey will rally hit the mark. Buy-in to the process is likely to be easier to achieve and any ongoing support and development interventions are linked directly to the goals and objectives of the business.


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