Our approach to competency assessment

Implementing a robust and recognised behavioural framework that will boost business performance

Effective competency assessment begins with a competency framework that is fit for purpose. That is, it defines behaviours that will drive business success. At Getfeedback we begin with the Schroder High Performance Management Competencies framework. The behaviours within the HPMC are empirically proven to distinguish between high and average performers in a wide range of industries and at different seniority levels. We use the HPMC to validate existing frameworks or as a building bock to a new bespoke framework. Whichever route is taken the process that’s followed is similar. We need to understand the goals and strategic direction of the organisation; and we need to understand how these are achieved by analysing roles and responsibilities of employees. We want to know how the best people in the organisation achieve success.

Once the competency framework is designed people profiles and job descriptions can be aligned to it; recruitment processes can be updated to include behavioural assessments (i.e. competency based interviewing; behavioural event interviewing, assessment centre). Learning and Development/Talent teams can incorporate behavioural development along with skis and knowledge development to really enhance the effectiveness of development interventions.

When introducing or adapting the Schroder framework to your organisation, our consultants will work closely with your teams and involve your people. This ensures that the competencies are fully understood, accepted and embedded within your organisation.

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