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Leadership in today's complex context: a conversation with Professors Victor Dulewicz and Malcolm Higgs

September 2019 -

Professors Dulewicz and Higgs are among the country's leading experts in the field of emotional intelligence (EI). In this article, Getfeedback talks to them about their thoughts on the most recent addition to the Getfeedback platform - the Leadership Dimensions Questionnaire (LDQ) and its relevance in today's complex context.

Free platform access for a limited time

January 2017 -

Getfeedback are offering free systems access for BPS accredited individuals worth £250 for a limited time: Do you have qualifications to use and interpret psychometric assessments gained via the British Psychological Society (the BPS)? Do you hold Qualifications including Occupational Test User Ability (formally level A) and Occupational Test User Personality (formally level B)? If so Getfeedback are offering free systems set up and access to one of the widest ranges of tests and 360s in the market including a number of those not available elsewhere.

Getfeedback's new webinar series: GetInsights

July 2016 - Getfeedback

Keep up to date with the latest behavioural change strategies and methods with Getfeedback's new webinar series: Get Insights. In our first session, "Behavioural Change through 360's" is premiering on Thursday, 28th July 2016, at 12pm. Please register here.

Getfeedback June 2016 Newsletter

June 2016 - Getfeedback

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HR technology tools for SMEs

May 2014 - HR Magazine

Over the past 15 years, HR departments at large organisations have benefited from a range of software tools that have helped reduce administration and increase efficiency. Abigail Clayton and Caroline Young provide their insight.

Are your teams' project management skills on track?

October 2012 - Getfeedback

The recent debacle over the West Coast mainline rail franchise has highlighted the significance of effective project delivery skills as three Department for Transport civil servants have been suspended for their roles in the mismanagement of the bid process. Margaret Hodge, a Labour MP, who chairs Westminster's Public Accounts Committee told Radio 4's Today programme on the 5th October that more training was needed to ensure "incredibly bright, talented, committed" staff could manage projects. With conservative estimates putting the cost of these mistakes in excess of £50m we look at how organisations can make the right people selection and development decisions.

Presenting to Senior Executives

June 2012 - Edge Online

Presenting in front of a senior management team requires preparation, practice and confidence. Your ability to present has a direct impact on how seriously you are taken by senior management and the board of directors. Presenting to senior executives means shifting your presentation skills up a gear. As Alana Inness, lead consultant at getfeedback, points out, most people are not natural presenters - it takes knowledge of the techniques and then practice to become really great.

Is the Queen truly engaged?

February 2012 - Getfeedback

This year the Diamond Jubilee will mark 60 years of service from Queen Elizabeth II and with no retirement in sight we can assume that Her Majesty would score pretty highly on at least one of the three key measures of engagement - retention. Getfeedback Consultant Alana Inness looks at the reign of HRH alongside new studies in engagement theory to understand how engagement promotes higher levels of individual and organisational performance.

Revolutionary new measure of team potential

January 2012 - Getfeedback

The Orpheus Team Potential Questionnaire measures the true potential of a team by focusing on the strengths and development areas of the team as a whole. It provides advice, tips, and information on how to maximise the potential and develop the performance of the team.

Costain sets the pace with its Project Management Academy

December 2009 - Project Management Today

Resourcing high performance Project Managers represents a significant talent management challenge for organisations such as Costain that seek to deliver excellence. Finding such talent outside of the industry is tough and Costain decided to look within, to grow their own talent, designing and delivering their own award winning project management academy. Getfeedback successfully helped create the link between recruitment, assessment, development and business outcomes, enabling Costain to continue deliver excellence for their customers.

Tackling prejudice at work

October 2009 - HRZone

With the number of workplace discrimination cases rising, it is vital that HR professionals confront, tackle and remove prejudice in the workplace, but how should they go about it? Tiffany Bowles, consultant at Getfeedback, says that research has shown that one key way to reduce bias is by training assessors in the bias that exists. Psychometric testing can also be used to identify many different traits of an individual’s personality and indicate to an employer whether they would be suitable for certain roles or to work within certain environments...

Management fundamentals: How to motivate

August 2009 - Edge Online

Motivation is arguably one of a manager’s most powerful tools since it can self-propel your charges to increased productivity and efficiency, make them better at innovating, not to mention happier and more fulfilled. As Alison Gill, managing director of talent management consultancy Getfeedback, points out, tapping into what motivates people equals ‘free fuel’ as far as organisational productivity and employee satisfaction is concerned.

Armstrong aims to build on past success

December 2008 - The Daily Telegraph

Riding the recession can be difficult for businesses with relatively small numbers of employees. The Daily Telegraph featured a case study of RW Armstrong - builder of premium-end houses and renovations. One of our consultants, Daniel Edwards, warns that whilst the firm recognises the value of their talent and the need to retain this to take advantage when the upturn comes, downsizing may be necessary and the priority then becomes to reassure and inform staff of the situation.

HR predictions 2009: exclusive insight into the year ahead

December 2008 - HRZone

HRZone asked some HR experts, including Steve Bicknell, for their predictions for the coming year.

One in six employees would not dream of asking for a payrise

October 2008 - Employee Engagement Today

Latest research reveals that few of us would ask for a payrise and highlights the influence of age and sex on our comfort at doing this.

Simply the best

October 2008 - Training and Coaching Today

Coaching high performers is quite a challenge - and one that has got harder now the economic chips are down. Ali Gill talks about to Training and Coaching Today.

Coming around again

July 2008 - Personnel Today

New management fads emerge all the time, but are most of them simply reincarnations of concepts of decades gone by? Ali Gill comments in Personnel Today.

Unnecessary exits could be costing businesses

July 2008 - Changeboard

Piers Hollier comments on a survey that reveals the extent to which employees are comfortable asking for a pay rise.

Skills tests review good and bad

May 2008 - Times Online

What makes a good leader? Carol Lewis, editor of Career puts her reputation on the line in search for the answer. She completes an assessment process managed by Piers Hollier, Head of Consulting.

The more things change

April 2008 - Talent and Coaching Today

Change Management is near the top of many training agendas. Why so, and how should it be addressed? Dan Redland, a Change Consultant here at Getfeedback, speaks to Training and Coaching Today magazine about how to get the most out of a change programme.

Arrogance will trip you up

April 2008 - Times Career

Do well enough in the day job and there is every chance that you'll be promoted to a managerial position - and have a whole new set of hazards to avoid. Carly Chynoweth, writer for The Times, speaks with Getfeedback's Piers Hollier about what not to do in your first management job.

Bring out the best in your company's top assets

April 2008 - The Sunday Times

From coaching to mentoring to external courses, there are many ways to nurture and challenge your rising stars. Margaret Coles speaks to Getfeedback's Ali Gill about getting the best out of your talent.

Talent at the table

March 2008 - Personnel Today

Talent Management is now a well-established function in HR, but what does the future hold? Personnel Today Magazine asked Getfeedback's own Ali Gill and eight other HR specialists to share their wisdom.

The Getfeedback 3T Report

February 2008 - Getfeedback

We believe that good talent management is about achieving change through people. This means helping people grow and understand not just what they can achieve but what they want to achieve. Our experience to date has convinced us of the enormous potential to use talent management skills to ratchet up performance and ultimately transform businesses.

HR crucial during challenging times

January 2008 - Personnel Today

With the likelihood of lean times ahead we're starting to see the inevitable news headlines describing the employee misery at the prospect of job cuts. But in the words of a 1980s cover version pop hit by Bananarama, 'It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it.'

Maximising performance with development

January 2008 - Talent Management Review

Talent Management Review magazine continues it series of workshops about the employee talent lifecycle. In this, the third and final workshop, Ali Gill of Getfeedback explores the final piece of the talent lifecycle jigsaw - employee development and engagement.

Building solid assessment foundations

November 2007 - Talent Management Review

In this article, the second in a series of workshops published by Talent Management Review, Getfeedback's Ali Gill explains why skimping on a robust talent assessment for your organisation can be a false economy.

How To... Declutter Your Career

November 2007 - Personnel Today

When was the last time you really thought hard about your career and the direction it's going in? All too often our busy lifestyles prevent us from doing just that and it's easy to continue on the same path without changing what we do or how we do it. Scot Beagrie, journalist for Personnel Today, speaks to Getfeedback Business Psychologist Kath Reid about how de-cluttering your career can make a real difference.

All In The Mind

November 2007 - Human Resources

Human Resources Magazine takes a look at the growing role of the Business Psychologist (BP). Going further than traditional Occupational Psychologists, BP's have the ability to challenge existing development and change management methods. Peter Crush, journalist for HRM, speaks to Getfeedback's Head of Business Psychology, Piers Hollier.

Building Capability

May 2007 - The Grapevine

Alfred McAlpine's leadership development programme has far reaching effects. The Grapevine speaks to our very own Ali Gill about how Getfeedback made this happen.

The 7 month itch

May 2007 - The Mail on Sunday

Seven months - that's how long it takes to find out if your heart is really in the job. Getfeedback's Ali Gill tells the Financial Mail that honesty really is the best policy when it comes to recruitment.

Naughty but Nice?

April 2007 - Human Resources

Research suggests that guilt and indulgence play a large part in what makes incentives rewarding. But an effective scheme must also reward behaviour that is linked to the company's values. Caspar van Vark of Human Resources Magazine reports.

Looking after your leaders

April 2007 - Personnel Today

Bad leadership can create a toxic culture, lead to low staff morale and result in business failure, so how can HR nurture leaders to avoid letting talent go to waste? Natalie Cooper of Personnel Today reports.

Open All Hours

March 2007 - Works Management

These days, most managers have to incorporate a range of HR tasks in their day-to-day role. Kirstie Redford sheds light on how software can help lighten the load.

Board With The Wages

February 2007 - Employee Benefits

A common reward myth states that staff at the top are only motivated by money, but perks also have a key role to play.

Talent retention

February 2007 - The HR Director

Alfred McAlpine needed to position its top talent in areas of the business that would see it through a major shift in business emphasis. The challenge for the company was how to retain, recruit and use the key people that it needed not only to fulfil its business objectives during this transitional period, but also going forward.

Change in an Elitist World

February 2007 - The Sunday Times

Blue-blooded private bank, Kleinwort Benson, was a hierarchical type of place - but all that had to change. Chief Executive of KBPB, Robert Taylor, speaks to the Sunday Times about how Getfeedback was instrumental in this.

Testing Times?

January 2007 - HR Magazine

The use of psychometric testing in recruitment is on the up, says Trevor Merriden, but employers need to be aware of all the pros and cons if they are considering this method.

The Holy Grail for Managers

January 2007 - UK Guide to skills and learning 2007

It's a scene familiar to every manager in the country, the candidate looked perfect on paper, interviewed brilliantly, passed the competency assessment with flying colours, yet six months into the job it's obvious they're not performing. What went wrong?

What motivates staff?

January 2007 - Personnel Today

What motivates staff and how can HR manage and make the best of staff engagement? Personnel Today speaks with Getfeedback's Ali Gill and other specialists about engagement and motivation in the workplace.

Perks improve employee engagement

January 2007 - Employee Benefits

Benefits buzzwords come and go, but employers are finding that perks can play their part in boosting employee engagement, leaving a lasting imprint on motivation, says Jenny Keefe, writer for Employee Benefits.

RCCL Engagement Cruise

October 2006 - Employee rewards and benefits

Employees Rewards and Benefits write about how Royal Caribbean International provides a text book example of how it used Getfeedback to survey its employees to measure engagement levels. And how it can then use this information to transform its HR policies.

Are UK Employers Facing a Leadership Exodus?

September 2006 - Personnel Today

New research shows leaders are in short supply within UK organisations.

More than a Number

April 2006 - Human Resources

When a company is small, internal communications isn't a problem. But when 3 underwent rapid growth, it had to make a bigger effort to keep its workforce engaged. That's when they turned to Getfeedback for help.

Spotting the Signs

March 2006 - Employee Benefits

Using online measurement systems can help to abate the time-consuming and divisive nature of performance appraisals. Getfeedback's Alison Gill discusses the benefits of online performance management and how Getfeedback helped Vauxhall rise to the challenge.

Talent Quest

March 2006 - Legal Week

Getfeedback's Alison Gill talks to Legal Week about how the legal sector needs to improve the link between profitability and effective talent management.

Symbols of your Success

November 2005 - Times Online

Climbing the corporate ladder is accompanied by the acquisition of a range of status indicators - a company car, a fancy title - but do they motivate you to work harder? Dr Roland Tarleton, Getfeedback's motivation specialist, discusses using the Motivational Styles Questionnaire to identify 'intrinsic' motivators.

How can I Keep our Secrets in the Family?

October 2005 - Times Online

Roger Steare advises a couple working for competitors in a similar field and whose employers are asking them to divulge information about each other's companies.

Vauxhall talks to Personnel Today about why it Outsourced Performance Management to Getfeedback

September 2005 - Personneltoday .com

When a global drive for greater efficiency and productivity led the HR team at Vauxhall to overhaul the way it assessed corporate managers, it turned to Getfeedback for help. Ross Wigham reports on how the new system helped to drive appraisal completion up from 15% to 92%, to create a performance-driven culture.

Managing the Manager

September 2005 - Times Online

How can you use motivation to persuade managers to be better managers?

How to Succeed at an Interview Panel

July 2005 -

It is inevitable that at some stage in your career you will come up against a panel interview. Ali Gill advises Personnel Today readers on panel interview technique.

Why it pays to put workers in the picture

April 2005 -

From today, bigger organisations have a legal responsibility to involve their staff in decision making, writes Alicia Clegg.

Gaining the upper hand

April 2005 -

It was 10 years ago this February that the UK's oldest bank, Barings, went bankrupt. Alison Gill and Roger Steare of Getfeedback talk Personnel Today through the challenges of developing an ethical culture in a modern organisation.

Leeson Era Ethics 'Still Prevail': Getfeedback and Roger Steare in the Telegraph

February 2005 -

Some of the city's leading financial institutions have failed to learn the lessons of the Leeson affair by moving faster in raising ethical standards, according to Roger Steare, author of a study into corporate practices.

3 uses video to meet staff consultation rules - Getfeedback in Personnel Today

February 2005 -

Mobile phone operator 3 is using its video technology to communicate with employees and comply with forthcoming information and consultation legislation.

FT publishes Getfeedback's views on the DDI/Mori report

January 2005 -

Alison Gill's letter to the Financial Times, published Friday 8th January 2005.

Global leadership - white paper

June 2004 - Getfeedback

Evidence suggests that there is a link between global leadership development and bottom-line financial returns.

Leadership - styles and frameworks

May 2004 - Getfeedback

Leadership in action: Guin Batten recently set a new world record crossing the English Channel in a single scull (rowing boat).

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