Revolutionary new measure of team potential

The Orpheus Team Potential Questionnaire measures the true potential of a team by focusing on the strengths and development areas of the team as a whole. It provides advice, tips, and information on how to maximise the potential and develop the performance of the team.

Within Orpheus TPQ it is recognised that different team settings may require different strengths. For example, a Change Team operating in a highly entrepreneurial environment would benefit from a tendency to take risks and learn from its mistakes, whereas such a tendency within a high risk, safety dependent environment could be a serious liability. Strength in one setting may be neutral, or a risk factor, in another. Thus, team profiles are most relevant when related to particular settings. Teams that match themselves to particular environments and types of work are more likely to be successful and deliver results.

The Orpheus TPQ profile can suggest the optimal environment for a particular team, and also indicate how a team is likely to function within a particular environment. The report includes development suggestions for maximising the performance of the team.
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