Identify high flyers

I need to identify the high flyers from my client's talent pool


HR is increasingly a strategic issue. It's not about fire-fighting but about planning for the challenges thrown at every organisation in the future. Spotting high fliers is core to this.

Our range of support includes:

  • tests of ability and potential that can highlight those that who will be able to adapt to a changing world and adopt new approaches to challenges in the future
  • assessments of work-based personality which can also look at how the person behaves under pressure and what is likely to derail them
  • a 360 survey designed specifically for leaders to provide you and your client with an insight into how they meet the behavioural competencies for their role and how others see them
  • an interviewing approach that unearths the individual's approach to the major projects that they have faced

Recommended products and services

360 Degree Feedback Survey Leaders

A 360 feedback survey for use by senior managers / leaders.


Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA)

Assesses high level numerical reasoning.


Orpheus Personality Questionnaire

A work-based personality questionnaire to help identify typical behaviours and 'fit'.