Getfeedback develop leaders at Kleinwort Benson

Kleinwort Benson


When the new CEO at Kleinwort Benson was appointed a new business strategy and aggressive growth plan was devleoped with external strategy consultants. With a vision that leveraged the legacy 'traditional' British culture, but also overlaying a new entrepreneurial focus, Kleinwort Benson required a common language and objective processes to get the right people in the right jobs in the leadership team and in key customer facing teams.

Talent Solution

Getfeedback took up the challenge of creating a language and approach for managing and developing people at Kleinwort Benson. The executive committee was interviewed in depth to establish what good would look like at Kleinwort Benson to achieve the strategic agenda. This was mapped to the Schroder framework to provide an externally validated framework in the language of the business. Once this was developed the 20 most senior executives were assessed against the framework during interviews, 360 feedback and the use of psychometrics. Detailed development plans were agreed with individuals and the team reshuffled to best leverage their strengths as the change programme began.

Subsequently, the key roles in the Private Banking job family were profiled and one-day assessment centres rolled out to assess incumbents and other internal candidates. Managers participated in development workshops, learning to support team members with individual development plans. To transfer Getfeedback's knowledge into the business and support assessment of external candidates on an ad hoc basis the L&D manager was put through Getfeedback's internal accreditation process. Assessment is now managed internally with Getfeedback consultants available when extra resource is required.

The outcome

Within five months of the leadership team was reorganised and focused on delivering change against individual accountabilities; the business had a language to use in developing and performance-managing employees generally; and the first new teams of Private Bankers were formed and in action under line managers who were freshly trained to manage and develop. Winning new business proved the model, and completely new regional teams in line with the business plan were established.