Maintain leadership team

How can I help my client ensure that the leadership team remains well rounded if someone is leaving?


For this challenge you need to identify quickly where the team needs to bring in new skills and behaviours to compensate for the person leaving. And you also need to look to see if people internally have the capability and competencies required to fulfil the role and the ways of working.

Psychometrics has a part to play: you can look at a person's behaviours through a personality questionnaire such as Orpheus and, should the entire team complete this, get under the skin of the team through the Orpheus Team Personality Questionnaire - a report specifically designed to look at the impact each team member has on the team.

Ability measures and an assessment of motivation provide a richness of information that can help inform your selection decision.

Recommended products and services

Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA)

Assesses high level numerical reasoning.


Orpheus Personality Questionnaire

A work-based personality questionnaire to help identify typical behaviours and 'fit'.


Intrinsic Motivation Test

A measure of motivation - of the deep-rooted internal drivers rather than the 'extrinsic' motivators.