Make change a success

My client is undergoing a major change programme, how can I help them to ensure that the change will be successful


You can change anything about a business to meet new challenges - a production process, structure, business model, targets - but if you ignore people change you've about as much chance of succeeding as trying to climb Mount Everest equipped with a cheese sandwich and beach wear. This is one of our core beliefs. Companies need to communicate, check engagement and work as consistently with staff as they do with spread sheets and value chains.

Engagement surveys whether these are off-the-shelf or a web-enabled version of their own survey can help you to gauge people opinions and, if used over time, can check that engagement is maintained.

You may also like to consider using one of the 360 questionnaires to check on whether a person has the skills required to handle the change and, if not, look to develop these.

Take a look at our sister organisation Crelos, to read how they work with clients to manage change.

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