Customise a solution for my client

I need to provide my clients with a customised solution - how can I do this?


Human beings don't like to be addressed as an example or type. Organisations are the same. They increasingly talk about their unique issues, their culture, their personality. And they want solutions to reflect that uniqueness. So do you. You don't want prescriptive systems that dictate working practices or the assessments that can and cannot be used.

We are masters (even if we say so ourselves) at balancing the need to ensure techniques are standardised, reliable and valid, and yet reflect a particular consultant, client or assessment exercise.

You can choose whether you monitor the progress of the assessments and surveys through your own system, transfer this to your client - or simply have us do this for you. You can choose to have your system using your company branding, or that of your client, or indeed co-branded - and we'll set this up for you.

IT and data security are giving you a headache. Leave us with the max-strength painkiller. Security is a core competency of ours. You can concentrate on what's important for you: working with the client, making decisions informed by hard information, creating a sustainable win-win relationship with your client.