Understanding an under-performing team

My client has identified an under-performing team and wants to understand more


What's needed here is some more detail - some detail to understand where the strengths and the weaknesses of the team lie and how then to develop this into a performing team.

Psychometrics will help in this situation. And using the Orpheus personality questionnaire we have a unique team report that identifies what each individual's impact on the team is - and this can be a great starting point to understanding what is happening within the team.

You may want to then look further - and what is motivating each of the team members - not the external motivators but the internal, intrinsic aspects.

Recommended products and services

Orpheus Personality Questionnaire

A work-based personality questionnaire to help identify typical behaviours and 'fit'.


Intrinsic Motivation Test

A measure of motivation - of the deep-rooted internal drivers rather than the 'extrinsic' motivators.


Orpheus Team Potential Questionnaire (TPQ)

A team report highlighting the impact of individuals on the overall operating style of a team.