Performance review

My client has asked me to support their performance review - how can I help them?

Should 360 surveys only be used for development? No! That's purist talk. Time and time again we are asked - and we see the need - to incorporate a 360 questionnaire into a performance process. Because it helps get clients where they want to be.

Well-defined behavioural and technical competency frameworks are the foundations of performance review; they make it planned and proactive.

Such a framework allows the company to state and an individual to understand what is required by any job. It provides a language to discuss that requirement. Once someone understands these behaviours (not to mention how their reports, peers, manager and others perceive them) development plans can be built and progress reviewed without destructive emotions*.

We can support you through the use of our off-the-shelf 360 questionnaires for Managers, Non-managers and Leaders. Of course we can also web-enable your client's current 360 questionnaire should they have one.

*though constructive emotion can help here. Work is emotional. People need to internalise and really believe their performance goals.

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