Creating the high performance organisation

Creating the high performance organisation

The high performance organisation sounds a bit like the holy grail, but this is the ABC of organisational success. We're not talking about the Jack Walsh, systematically eliminate 10% every year, scare everyone into working harder - brute force approach - its about really making the best of what you have - and that means working better, more effectively. And it’s core business for us.

It’s about helping every single employee in the business ‘do their job better’ through clarity, empowerment and measurement.

The commercial value

Almost every role in an organisation is focused on at least one of three objectives:

  • Sell things to new and existing clients
  • Make sure that clients have a fantastic experience so they buy more and tell people they know to buy things too
  • Ensure that the business operates in a way that is profitable

Driving and balancing these three objectives is fundamental to business success. Measuring and managing employee performance is the most powerful way to make this happen.

The Getfeedback approach

We focus our efforts where it will have the biggest impact – putting the employee in charge of their performance.

Here’s how:

  • Help the organisation understand how each role and job family contributes to the overall business strategy
  • Jointly agree what good looks like for their role in the light of the organisation’s objectives
  • Tell employees how they are doing
  • Put them in the driving seat of their objectives and appraisal
  • Communicate a value for high performance across the business

Let’s get specific. Performance solutions.