Training Evaluation based on Kirkpatrick Learning Evaluation Theory

Running any internal or external training event incurs cost and you need to understand the effectiveness of the learning that has taken place. Getfeedback offer a service that issues an evaluation questionnaire, online, to all delegates after the event and thereby eliminating the often skewed comments that can be made if feedback forms are completed face-to-face at the end of the training event.

The survey is standardised and is based on Kirkpatrick's evaluation model of training and learning and is considered an industry standard across the HR and training communities. His model measures:

  • Reaction of student - what they thought and felt about the training
  • Learning - the resulting increase in knowledge or capability
  • Behaviour - extent of behaviour and capability improvement and implementation/application
  • Results - the effects on the business or environment resulting from the trainee's performance

The report generated covers each of these four areas and provides detail behind these to fully understand the benefits of the course, allowing you to make changes to the course that will have the most significant impact.

However, should you already have your own training evaluation form, we can simply web-enable this for you

Features and Benefits:

A reliable and valuable method of evaluating the learning and implementation results of a training intervention based on the gold-standard Kirkpatrick model

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