Fully Outsourced Delivery

You want to use standardised assessment or survey tools but you want someone else to do the leg work. Easy. Allow Getfeedback's Bureau service team to mange the administration for you.

The process is:

  • You give us the candidate list and their email details
  • We set up and administer the questionnaires, tests or surveys
  • We send each person an email containing full instructions and a link to their survey
  • You receive the results on the agreed date
  • You get clear information
  • You get feedback from a consultant (psychometric assessments only)

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Features and benefits:

  • Utilises the project management and technology skills of Getfeedback so you can focus on other projects
  • Confidence that the project will be securely managed throughout - issuing reminders when necessary

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To provide you with confidence in a secure and managed assessment process

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