Interview Skills Training

This course offered by Getfeedback will provide delegates with the skills and processes to prepare and carry out a professional, legal and valuable interview. Delegates will be introduced to a range of methods that will reduce the subjectivity of the interviewing process and help identify the competencies that need to be assessed in the interview.

This course is aimed at line managers with little experience in structured interviewing and is a one day course. At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:
Be aware of the skills for effective recruitment and selection
Recognise how best practice can minimise legal issues and promote equality and diversity
Demonstrate interviewing skills and design a structured competency-based interview
Be able to manage candidates and sell the brand
Implement these skills back in the workplace

Features and Benefits:

A short, focused course to up-skill the line manager in interviewing technique

Includes the latest legal, equality and diversity issues relating to interviewing

Supports the roll out of a standardised approach to interviewing within an organisation

Run on an in-house basis to enable some tailoring to the client organisation

Areas for use:
Skill development

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At a glance

To ensure those that interview candidates are appropriately skilled at designing and carrying out an interview

Target group
Line managers and all those with limited interviewing experience and skill

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