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Why You Should Make Sure Your Employees Leave Work on Time

I imagine it gets brought up most Thursday nights and every Friday morning, "having a 4 day working week would be the best", "the Netherlands are doing it" and the classic "I know I could get as much done in 4 days as I do in 5". But for some the very idea of less time in the office is completely out of the question.

Sophie Merryweather By Sophie Merryweather
April 2019

Agile- everyone's talking about it, but does anyone know what it is?

If you have been to a business conference recently, browsed LinkedIn, scanned twitter, or even just overhead people in the gym class (yes, really!) you have probably heard the term 'Agile' or 'Agile working'. So what is 'Agile'?

James Shimmen By James Shimmen
August 2018

KFC & DHL- The importance of effective planning and problem solving

As widely reported in the press a couple of weeks ago KFC had a major supply issue whereby many of their stores had to close due to a lack of chicken. Although the media storm around this has died down this continues to be an issue for the fast food chain.

James Shimmen By James Shimmen
March 2018

Developing high performing school leadership

Getfeedback's approach to leadership and management development in schools is based on extensive research. It has been designed to help individuals understand their leadership strengths and provide a view of these strengths within the team and context in which they operate.

Abigail Clayton By Abigail Clayton
March 2018

Feeling the Pressure

Pressure effects everyone regardless of who they are and what job they do. But what happens to people when the pressure is on? How does people's behaviour change and most importantly, how can we predict it?

James Shimmen By James Shimmen
February 2018