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Why You Should Make Sure Your Employees Leave Work on Time

I imagine it gets brought up most Thursday nights and every Friday morning, "having a 4 day working week would be the best", "the Netherlands are doing it" and the classic "I know I could get as much done in 4 days as I do in 5". But for some the very idea of less time in the office is completely out of the question.

Sophie Merryweather By Sophie Merryweather
April 2019

How to create a culture in your organisation fit for the future

So what is culture and how important is it in how successful businesses are or will be? Culture defines how people interact and behave on a day to day basis so effectively culture is how people work.

Miriam Luke By Miriam Luke
April 2019

Personality and Agile Leadership

Working with change is part of the day to day routine. We all regularly cope with change and doing things differently is now business as usual. The challenge comes with the pace of change.

Miriam Luke By Miriam Luke
February 2019

Your Resolutions- Taking on 2019 Head On

We're slap bang in the middle of the classic 'new year, new me' month of January- Facebook feeds full of inspirational quotes and brand new health kick Instagram's to follow. The beginning of a New Year gives us all the inspiration to think about what we want for the future and how we can learn from the past to achieve it.

Sophie Merryweather By Sophie Merryweather
January 2019

Pace of Change- creating the right leadership culture

All organisations are powered by technology. Technology determines how we communicate and collaborate, how we interact with our clients and how we attract our future customers.

Miriam Luke By Miriam Luke
October 2018

Agile- everyone's talking about it, but does anyone know what it is?

If you have been to a business conference recently, browsed LinkedIn, scanned twitter, or even just overhead people in the gym class (yes, really!) you have probably heard the term 'Agile' or 'Agile working'. So what is 'Agile'?

James Shimmen By James Shimmen
August 2018

The Importance of Individuals

Individuals are important to the success of every organisation.

Abigail Clayton By Abigail Clayton
May 2018

Leadership and people challenges in technology companies

Today's organisations are becoming increasingly technology dependent and technology led. So how are leaders changing the mindset, behaviour and workplace employment practices in order to be successful in the future?

Miriam Luke By Miriam Luke
April 2018

How to use Psychometric Testing to Overcome New Business Challenges

Business challenges, such as employee retention and skills shortages have been around forever and as our economic climate demands change, so do our people and leaders.

Sophie Merryweather By Sophie Merryweather
April 2018

Developing high performing school leadership

Getfeedback's approach to leadership and management development in schools is based on extensive research. It has been designed to help individuals understand their leadership strengths and provide a view of these strengths within the team and context in which they operate.

Abigail Clayton By Abigail Clayton
March 2018

Recruiting School Leadership roles

Effective recruitment of high performing leaders is fundamental to a school's success. Finding people with the necessary skills, experience, qualifications and with a strong values match attributes will enable the school to deliver quality results.

Abigail Clayton By Abigail Clayton
February 2018

The Challenge of 21st Century Leadership

What skills will our leaders of the future need to deliver success? Will they be different to those leadership values and behaviours that we recognise as best practise today?

Miriam Luke By Miriam Luke
November 2017

Brexit and the Leadership Skills Gap

It's been a year since it was confirmed the UK would be leaving the European Union and now we find ourselves thinking about the impact the decision is having on the UK's skills gap and our current recruitment difficulties.

Sophie Merryweather By Sophie Merryweather
August 2017