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Personality and Agile Leadership

Working with change is part of the day to day routine. We all regularly cope with change and doing things differently is now business as usual. The challenge comes with the pace of change.

Miriam Luke By Miriam Luke
February 2019

Ted Baker and the changing relationships in the world of work

In a world where Ted Baker makes the news lets focus on those doing the right thing and celebrate that individuals are speaking out and demanding more from their jobs.

Abigail Clayton By Abigail Clayton
December 2018

Pace of Change- creating the right leadership culture

All organisations are powered by technology. Technology determines how we communicate and collaborate, how we interact with our clients and how we attract our future customers.

Miriam Luke By Miriam Luke
October 2018

The Challenge of 21st Century Leadership

What skills will our leaders of the future need to deliver success? Will they be different to those leadership values and behaviours that we recognise as best practise today?

Miriam Luke By Miriam Luke
November 2017