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How to make 360 degree feedback really work

Having overseen the implementation of over 20,000 360 feedback surveys across over 1000 different organisations I have learned a lot and seen a lot that works well- however I have also heard from individuals and organisations that have been put off by the poor implementation of 360 projects in the past.

Abigail Clayton By Abigail Clayton
September 2018

The Changing Culture of Recruitment; transparency and Glassdoor

96% of job seekers say it's important to work for a company that embraces transparency, but transparency and honesty is not necessarily something we associate with the world of business.

Sophie Merryweather By Sophie Merryweather
August 2018

Developing high performing school leadership

Getfeedback's approach to leadership and management development in schools is based on extensive research. It has been designed to help individuals understand their leadership strengths and provide a view of these strengths within the team and context in which they operate.

Abigail Clayton By Abigail Clayton
March 2018

Getfeedback's Review in Numbers

Since we formed in 2000 we have had the privilege of delivering a lot of exciting and interesting work. In reviewing our achievements this year, I also took the time to reflect on the work completed since we started all that time ago.

Abigail Clayton By Abigail Clayton
December 2017

How Self-Awareness Can Lead to a Happier Work Life

In recent years there have been a lot of articles and studies regarding self-awareness. Much research claims that helping employees become more self-aware contributes to improving their productivity, performance and satisfaction not just in the work place but in all aspects of their life.

Sian Sims By Sian Sims
November 2017

My Top Three Innovations from The ABP Conference 2017

Simple Innovations from The Associated Business Psychology Conference

Miriam Luke By Miriam Luke
October 2017

Why is a feedback culture important?

Having feedback built into your company's culture has proven to increase employee engagement which in turn increases productivity, morale and success.

Sophie Merryweather By Sophie Merryweather
October 2017

Brexit and the Leadership Skills Gap

It's been a year since it was confirmed the UK would be leaving the European Union and now we find ourselves thinking about the impact the decision is having on the UK's skills gap and our current recruitment difficulties.

Sophie Merryweather By Sophie Merryweather
August 2017

Recruiting and retaining Millennials

 Any longstanding business will tell you the most effective way of saving money and energy is through attracting and retaining the right talent for your business- so, what's changed with age and what you need to be doing to keep up?

Sophie Merryweather By Sophie Merryweather
June 2017