How to create a culture in your organisation fit for the future Miriam Luke

Miriam Luke - April 2019

So what is culture and how important is it in how successful businesses are or will be?


Culture defines how people interact and behave on a day to day basis so effectively culture is how people work.

According to Needle (2004), organizational culture represents the collective values, beliefs and principles of organizational members and is a product of such factors as history, product, market, technology, and strategy, type of employees, management style, and national culture. Culture includes the organization's vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits.

Needle, David (2004). Business in Context: An Introduction to Business and Its Environment.

So as we hurtle into the unknown future with Brexit delays and uncertainty becoming a normal state of affairs, many organisations are looking to encourage their people to be brave and innovate to meet the fast pace of change. However much research shows that innovative culture is leader dependant and leader led.

Perel, 2005 Firms should maintain a focus on innovation even during difficult economic times as innovation provides the base for future success.

At Getfeedback we like to practice what we preach. We have our own innovative culture and have developed a new way of supporting our clients in developing innovative cultures within their organisations. We have recently been supporting a large multinational company in driving this leader led approach to fostering this innovative culture throughout the organisation. Setting a cultural expectation, measuring the behavioural levels for where individual and teams are now operating and sharing the results to raise self-awareness of how embedded the culture is and the impact it is having on how people work and what they are doing. The change in behaviour and results have been realised in just over a year.

Recent research published found that:

MARCH-CHORDA MOSER The key feature of organisational culture which allows for innovation is the role and attitude displayed by senior managers, and their readiness to monitoring the firm´s progress in innovation-led activities.

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