Growing Leadership Team Performance with 360 Feedback

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How often are you asked for feedback? Many of our online experiences finish with a request for feedback; 'How do you rate your experience with us? Please write a review? This seller has 98% positive feedback'. However this is rarer in the work place and face to face feedback is often awkward and results in a reply that is either polite, interpreted incorrectly or reflects only one person's opinion.

Running a 360 feedback survey can provide your leadership with a non-biased, balanced and objective way of giving constructive feedback that leads to real growth in leadership behaviour, both for individuals and also for an entire leadership team.

The Challenge

Missguided is a forward thinking online fashion retailer that has grown dramatically recently and as the company expands so the leadership demand has increased. The Leadership Team wanted a solution that would have a direct impact and slotted in easily to their very busy schedules.

The Solution

In Autumn 2017 Missguided began the search for a 360 provider and after drawing up an initial shortlist, Getfeedback were selected based our ability to step in quickly and offer a simple quick on line solution for running an Executive 360 Survey.

“The Getfeedback 360 feedback system is very easy to use and is not a time consuming tool like others I have used previously”, explains Tim Roberts, Learning and Development Business Partner at Missguided.

To help the People Team get up to speed and learn to use the 360 on line survey, Getfeedback were asked to run a one day session that covered the basics about how the 360 survey works, how to build value and engagement for the process internally with the leadership team and how to interpret the reports and deliver the feedback in a meaningful and positive way.


Getfeedback's 360 training days can be as bespoke as required and covers:

  • What is 360 feedback?
  • Building an appetite for 360 feedback
  • The 360 Process - how to administer and set up
  • Your role as facilitator and the feedback session process
  • The Leadership Framework 360
  • Interpreting the 360 report
  • Preparing for successful 360 Feedback sessions
  • Tips for delivering feedback
  • Practicing with sample reports
  • Coaching to develop leadership behaviours

“We have completed a development day with Getfeedback that worked well and the opportunity to review sample reports and practice delivering feedback was really useful and enabled us to facilitate feedback sessions back in the workplace”, says Tim Roberts, Missguided's Learning and Development Business Partner.

360 Degree Feedback Sample Reports

As well as providing a range of simple off the shelf 360s, Getfeedback can also work closely with organisations to develop their own leadership framework or use an existing competency framework and design a bespoke 360 survey which uses an organisation's language, is precisely aligned to their goals and has a company branded look and feel.

The Results

“The Getfeedback Executive 360 tool has proved very insightful and beneficial to our senior leaders. The leadership model and behaviours it is based on are very relevant and provide our leaders with the chance to receive accurate and meaningful feedback that leads to action” explains Tim Roberts.

“We're looking forward to rolling out the Getfeedback Executive 360 survey across our business and we intend to incorporate our own leadership behaviours and competencies moving forward.”