Test User Occupational Ability Accreditation

Occupational testing is becoming increasingly prevalent as organisations strive to improve the accuracy of recruitment decisions and enhance the impact of development programs.  Test User Occupational Ability accreditation provides HR professionals with the skills and experience to make the best use of tests and ensure that they are used safely, ethically and fairly.

Getfeedback’s Test User Ability course is delivered with a blended learning approach. On sign up participants will be provided course contents along side an introduction telephone call with the course tutor who will be available to support particpants throughout. Participants can then learn at a pace that suits their needs.

Knowledge and skills will be assessed through coursework and through a face-to-face assessment at the end of the course. The face-to-face assessment will comprise of a multi-choice exam and test administration and feedback exercises. 

The course notes will provide paticipants with the information they will need to support the learning throughout the course. These cover the basic principles of testing, define the various types of test available and give an introduction to the statistics which are fundamental to the use of tests.

Course Objectives

The main objectives of this course are to enable participants to:

  • Understand the role of psychometrics in occupational settings and be aware of the benefits and limitations of their use
  • Discriminate between good and poor psychometric tests
  • Select appropriate tests
  • Administer tests
  • Interpret test scores
  • Give feedback to test-takers
  • Understand the key ethical and legal issues relating to psychometric testing 

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At a glance

  • Provides knowledge and experience required to satisfy the requirements of the Test User Occupational Ability certification

  • Maximum course duration not recommended to exceed 3 months

  • Course tutor provided to support participants throughout process

  • Assessed through coursework, and face to face open book exam and practical exercise

  • Includes complimentary access to Getfeedback online assessment system

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