Assessment Centres

The Assessment Centre is a web page specific to your candidate containing links to all the tests and questionnaires that he or she is being asked to complete. The candidate receives a single email with a link to the test centre and can access each test from that one page, rather than receiving separate emails for each of the tests individually, which can cause confusion. Using the Test Centre enables you to project a seamless and easy-to-use process to your candidates. It is branded to incorporate your organisation's logo, colour pallet and overall brand elements.

Features and benefits

Designed using your organisation's livery thereby offering a branded, assessment experience to your creating a seamless candidate experience/ reinforcing the employer brand throughout the candidate/ testing experience. To see an example, click here.

Test takers see instantly what assessments need to be completed.

Easy to set up either by yourself as part of a self-managed system or by GFB.

GFB offer a range of virtual and remote recruitment options, to learn a bit more about different options you can read about virtual and remote assessment centres here.


Areas of use:

Across all areas of assessment.

Next steps?

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At a glance


To enable test takers to see which tests need completing and their progress through this.


Target group

All test takers.


Customisable options

Can be branded to meet your requirements.


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