IRIS Situational Judgement Tests

IRIS Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) measure the way an individual is likely to react to certain situations. Candidates are asked to rate the appropriateness of possible responses in relevant work based scenarios.

IRIS Situational Judgement Tests can be used under unsupervised conditions at the selecting-in stage of recruitment. These assessments have been thoroughly and extensively researched to contain highly realistic tasks, scenarios and situations that are similar to those likely to be encountered in the role.

Each test contains 3 tasks within which there are a number of situations and scenarios.

There are 3 test versions available:

  • Graduates and junior managers
  • Customer service, call centre and administrative staff
  • Sales staff

These tests are available for the private and public sectors.

iris sjt sample

Features and Benefits

  • They are completed online and unsupervised, which reduces assessment costs.
  • They expose applicants to situations and scenarios they are likely to face in the role.
  • They help you sift-out those applicants whose responses are judged to be inappropriate in particular situations.
  • As applicants are being exposed to situations likely to be faced in the role, those who do not see a fit to the role may also sift themselves out.
  • Compared with many other tests, SJTs have shown reduced differences between candidate groups from different backgrounds, which can improve diversity in the applicant pool.
  • Candidates' perceptions of SJTs are more positive than some traditional recruitment methods which can enhance the employer's brand and reputation.

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The IRIS Situational Judgement Test  produces a candidate report. A sample report can be viewed here.

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At a glance


To sift candidates early in the recruitment process

Target group

Graduates, junior managers, customer service, call centre and administrative staff, and sales staff


20-40 minutes untimed

Delivery options

Fully outsourced to be managed by Getfeedback or, providing that the user meets the accreditation requirements, can be managed in-house

Customisable options

Can be branded to meet your requirements

Accreditation requirement

No accreditation required to use this tool

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