Athena Numerical Reasoning Assessment

Athena is a numerical reasoning assessment which is designed to measure an individual’s ability to interpret and correctly utilise numerical information in a variety of ways. The test has been specifically designed to be used in an unsupervised setting with test items drawn form an item bank to ensure each candidate receives a unique experience.

What is numerical reasoning?

Numerical reasoning is a key skill in a large number of roles in today's workforce. Being able to understand, interpret, and accurately use and present numerical information is vital to many roles and particularly for graduate and management roles. Athena provides a clear assessment of an individual's ability to work with numerical information and can help to predict future success in roles where this skill is required.

Features and benefits:

Measures numerical reasoning aptitude for capability in a number of skills including:

  • Draw appropriate inferences from data
  • Calculate values using basic arithmetic operators and work with decimals and fractions
  • Understand information presented in tables, charts and graphs
  • Identify when additional data is required to draw particular assumptions

The assessment contains 21 items and is timed with up to 30 minutes to complete. The items are of varying levels of difficulty to allow a full assessment of a candidate’s ability and the timed element of the test provides insight on an individual’s ability to work at speed and under pressure.

The test includes both multiple choice and free response questions.

The assessment is suitable for general, graduate and management candidates and the assessment includes a scored report.

Areas for use:

Graduate recruitment, Selection for roles requiring numerical reasoning.


Click here to view a sample of the Athena Numerical Reasoning Report.

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At a glance

To assess numerical reasoning ability

Target group
General, graduates, managers and professionals

21 questions
30 minutes

Can be used alongside...
Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal and Ravens

Delivery options
Fully outsourced (managed by Getfeedback) or, providing that the user meets the accreditation requirements, can be managed in-house

Customisable options
Can be branded to meet your requirements

Accreditation requirement
British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A accreditation or by Getfeedback providing feedback on the report at an additional cost

Recognition as a high quality tool
Conforms to BPS and American Psychological Association guidelines

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