360 Degree Feedback- Emotional Intelligence Survey

EI impacts each and every decision and action we take as individuals both within the workplace and across our wider lives. The Emotional Intelligence 360 Degree Feedback (General and Manager level) was developed by Prof Victor Dulewicz and Prof Malcolm Higgs.

The survey collects information based across the 7 key domains of Emotional Intelligence; Self-awareness, Emotional Resilience, Motivation, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Influence, Intuitiveness and Conscientious. Using a five-point scale, the respondent is asked to rate the focus across 69 statements for Managerial 360 or 84 statements for the General level 360.

360 degree feedback is a simple and effective way to identify an individual's strengths and to highlight areas for development. As we know unlike IQ, EQ is completely developable, and everyone has the capacity to build on their self-awareness. By comparing feedback from a range of sources our surveys also allow individuals to identify where their behaviours may be viewed differently by different groups of people and identify hidden strengths which they can utilise to make them more effective in the workplace. EI enables individuals to build and drive successful teams, and to be agile and responsive as needed. Awareness of EI and its development is therefore of benefit to both the individual and the organisations in which they operate.

Emotional Intelligence has been Getfeedback's Emotional Intelligence 360 degree feedback survey is ideal for a one off or annual development initiative or used as part of a wider development programme.

The EIQ Framework

Emotional Intelligence 360 Framework

The EI 360 feedback survey measures individuals against the 7 key domains of Emotional Intelligence. The framework is based on the wide research undertaken by Professors Victor Dulewicz and Professor Malcolm Higgs from Henley Business School. It consists of 7 key emotional and social elements that make up the main dimesnions of interpersonal effectiveness.

Click here to read more information on the EI Framework.

Areas of use:

  • Development, performance management
  • Simple and efficient

Getfeedback's online Emotional Intelligence 360 has been designed to be simple to manage and complete. All of our surveys are delivered online and can be managed in house via our survey administration platform or we can deliver the project for you via our bureau service. The delegate experience is simple and hassle free, with the individual requiring feedback receiving a link to their nomination form where they can enter the names and email, addresses of those they would like feedback from, once submitted our system will automatically email those individuals requesting they provide feedback, and will take the 360 focus directly through to their self survey for completion. Surveys take no longer than 20 minutes to complete and can be saved and returned to at any point.

Individual workbook report

Contains guidance and information to contextualise the information with the report. It presents the data graphically so as to aid the individual's understanding of strengths, areas for development and blind spots. It has been designed, based on our knowledge and experience of behavioural change, to maximise the chances of the individual taking action and successfully changing their behaviours.

To view a manager sample report click here.

To view a general sample report click here.

360 Degree Report Interpretation and Feedback Training

How the results of a 360 degree feedback survey are delivered and used is a critical part of the 360 degree feedback process.

Not all managers or HR professionals are experienced in delivering effective feedback for 360 degree feedback surveys. Ensuring your team have the right skills to have meaningful developments conversations with your employees will ensure that your 360 degree feedback project doesn't fall at the last hurdle!

One Day 360 Feedback Survey Training and Report Interpretation Course

GFB offer a one day training event designed to equip your team with an understanding of the 360 process; of how to interpret reports; and how to prepare for feedback conversations. The course will give your managers and HR professionals the skills to:

  • Understand the rationale for 360 degree feedback
  • Understand the 360 degree feedback process and responsibilities
  • Understand how to read the 360 degree feedback reports
  • Understand how to facilitate 360 degree feedback based on behaviours
  • Understand how to manage behavioural development
  • Improve understanding through practice

To find out more about our 360 degree feedback training course get in touch today .

360 Degree Feedback Report Coaching and Development From GFB

At GFB we have a team of executive coaches that can help with how the report is interpreted through coaching and feedback sessions, so that individuals can take away valuable feedback in a way that helps them to build on their strengths and also identifies how to develop targeted skills for their further development. A coached feedback session will provide your people with:

  • A fully structured feedback session with a clear focus on individuals the key strengths and development themes.
  • Objective delivery of the feedback with the free text comments aligned to the measured feedback.
  • Some preliminary coaching on how to develop great leadership behaviours.

Get in touch today and speak with one of our highly experience consultants to discuss you requirements and how we can support you getting started.

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At a glance

Obtain 360 degree feedback on an individual or managers strengths and development areas in relation to Emotional Intelligence

Manager 360- 69 statements, 15 minutes- untimed

General 360- 84 statements, 15 minutes- untimed

Up to 21 nominees can be invited to rate the participant

Fully outsourced to be managed by Getfeedback or can be managed in-house with access to our online administration platform.

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