Client Testimonials - Assessment Centres

We’re experts in Assessment Centres but don’t just take our word for it! Have a read through what some of our clients have said about their experiences in working with Getfeedback.


Alfred McAlpine


“The process enabled us as a business to be more aware and helped managers to focus on roles where they could really make a difference. Whilst all our managers at this level are highly ambitious we were able to show that many would not thrive as CEO but would be more fulfilled by using their strengths in places they hadn’t thought of before, for example by leading a complex project with a defined outcome. Results so far - we have very low levels of attrition, satisfaction with career development and overall engagement as measured by our annual employee survey has increased by 5% and the division continues to grow apace. We also recognised the need to recruit fifteen new directors with strengths in developmental leadership. The assessment centre talent report highlighted the impact not having these leadership skills would have on our growth, so we have chosen to recruit much faster than we had previously planned”

Marlene Boyd, Organisational Development Director Alfred McAlpine





“From a standing start, we have successfully forged a strongly performing business. We have a strong product set, a clear market focus and most importantly, 1,700 talented people with only one ambition - to improve the customer's experience. It’s a recipe I like.”

Phil Bishop, HR Director, Energis



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