What is a behavioural competency framework?

  • Competencies emerged in the 1980s as a response to organisational changes and to wider changes in society. In 1982 the US academic, Richard Boyatzis wrote ‘The competent manager: a model for effective performance’. This book proved to have considerable influence on the profession and, over the following two decades, competency frameworks became an increasingly accepted part of modern HR practice.
  • Behavioural competency frameworks are used for a range of HR processes and can be used to align HR practices. They are most commonly used for assessment at the recruitment stage, at performance evaluation time and for development.

What is the busines benefit of using behavioural competency frameworks?

Quite simply, competency frameworks improve business performance. Specifically, they can generate greater employee and organisational effectiveness, increase hire accuracy rates (and therefore reduce costs and turnover rates) and lead to more effective training needs analysis and career management. No performance orientated business should be without a competency framework.

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